Welcome to the Official Cadoxton Imps Web-site

Short History of the Club.

Cadoxton Imps AFC was formed in the season 1972/73 when Graham Harris (Founder & 1st Honorary Life Member) wanted to set up a new team/Club.  He already had a small group of little 'Devils' and managed to obtain sponsorship from the 'Cadoxton' Conservative Club and the mixing of the two 'names' became merged into what we now know as Cadoxton Imps AFC (the reasoning behind 'Imps' and not 'Devils' was purely down to the team being under 10 and very small - hence 'Imp').

On this 'Official' site you will find  fixtures for all the sides as well as information such as Mini Football Rules - just click on the relevant Rules and you will be taken straight to them.

You will also find Managers/Coaches names next to the team that they are running this season and if you click on their name you will be taken to a contact details page where you will hopefully find the number of the Manager/Coach that you are looking for.

We are also hoping to have plenty of information on the Club with regard to up and coming Festivals and functions that we may hold this season.  We are looking to hold our Football Festival again around about May Day Bank Holiday, but more information can be found on our Information/Function page.