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The Club are always looking for volunteers to help in either the running of the Club or in running a team.

Running a team always sounds like a daunting task but it isn''s worse!  In all honesty, once you have completed the relevant courses, running a team cannot be easier especially if you can persuade other parents to help you.  Things like helping you by putting nets up, or filling out a match card, or just generally helping you on the side-line.  ALL coaches must undergo a DBS check which is free of charge and signed off by the Club's Safeguarding Officer, then sent off to the F.A.W. and after a couple of weeks you will be issued with an F.A.W. picture card enabling you to run a mini/junior team.  The next F.A.W. requirement is to undergo a Football Leaders Course and a First Aid Course which the Club will reimburse you for once you have completed it.  If you have a First Aid Certificate from your place of work then you are halfway there!  Now, once these three things are in place, congratulations, you will definitely be allowed to run a mini/junior football team for the Imps.  As I said earlier, it seems very daunting but it really isn't - it does take a bit of personal time that you won't get paid for but we all do things for the love of the sport and not because we get paid for doing it, because we don't get paid!