News from the Club for the 2018/19 season.


With regards to the 3G pitch at Jenner Park please be aware that if any of our teams are fixtured to play on the new pitch that the only footwear to be used on the pitch is 'MOULDED STUD' boots.  No trainers or blades or metal/plastic studs are allowed, you MUST only use moulded boots.

Please also be aware that parents are NOT allowed on on the pitch or the surrounding area of the pitch and in fact MUST stay in the stands.

Vale Council rules, not the Club's rules and not the League's rules!


This 2018/19 season we are starting with just the one Mini team at Year 5 (under 10's) but thanks to the hard work being done pre-season by both coaches (Steve and Ian) it looks like we will be adding not only another Year 5 (under 10's) team, but adding a new Year 4 (under 9's) team!  The only problem will be a slight delay in getting fixtures to the two new sides as the fixtures for September will have already been sent out to all Clubs.  We will soon have the qualified coaches in position but it would be nice to have at least one parent per team to go officially as a 'helper' which requires undergoing a DBS check - don't panic as this is paid for by the FAW and all you need to do is contact our Safeguarding Officer who will take your details and order the necessary forms to be filled in.  It is painless I can assure you and all you would be doing is giving the coach a hand if and when he or she needs it!