Your Club needs you!

You can never have enough helpers!

Here at Caddy Imps we know that all our Coaches/Managers could always do with some more help - they might not admit it to you parents but believe me there will always come a time when they could do with an extra pair of hands (I know because I've been a coach as well!!).

We also know that quite a few of you, the parents, would like to help out but that you may feel as though you are interfering, but trust me when I say that whilst all help offered is not always welcome, there will be times when the Coach would be more than willing to let you help out and be very grateful for your help.

There are lots of things that can be done to assist your Coach/Manager such as:

  • helping to put up and take down the goal nets.
  • putting out and getting back the corner posts/flags.
  • collecting up the kit from the players after the game.
  • setting out cones/markers for training.
  • putting together/setting up mini football goals (and taking them apart again after the game)
  • help to run the line for the referee which would free up the Coach/Manager to concentrate on the team.
There are no doubt quite a few things that I have missed in the list above but you can see from the examples that I have mentioned that being a Coach/Manager is not just about 'picking and running the team'.

However, if you are interested in helping out with your team there is one thing that every person working with children needs to do - a DBS check.  Don't be put off by the thought of going through a DBS check as it is quite a simple process and you will be helped all the way through the process by the Club's Safeguarding Officer Alan Smith (his contact details are on the Club Structure page).  The DBS process is also paid for by the FAW and even if you have gone through the process before with your work place for instance, you will still have to undergo the FAW DBS check in order to be allowed to help/run a mini/junior football team.

As I said earlier, if you are interested in helping out in any way, shape or  form, just contact Alan Smith and he will tell you the next steps needed to undergo a DBS check.

In the 80's the Club used to have a 'Ladies Section' set up whose main purpose was to arrange fund raising activities.  This 'Committee' broke up when the person running it had to  step down and there were no takers unfortunately who wanted to 'organise' all the helpers and coordinate all the ideas brought forward into the meetings.  Now, if any of the female parents would be interested in starting this idea up again do not hesitate to contact the Club Secretary with contact details and who knows, perhaps we can get the 'Ladies Section' up and running again after almost 20 years!