Year 5 (under 10's) 'Blues'18/19 season fixtures and Rules

Rules for the VoG under 10's mini football

1. Games to be 20 minutes per half.

2. 7-a-side with a size 4 football.

3. Only coaches (team leaders/DBS coaches, DBS helpers) and players allowed in buffer zone.

4. Parents and other spectators must be behind the buffer zone and nobody is allowed to stand behind the goal line or goals.

       5. Rolling subs.

6. No referees, games to be controlled by coaches on the sidelines.

       7. Goalkeepers can either throw/roll the ball out.

8. Goalkeepers are not allowed to kick the ball out of hand or use a drop kick.

9. Goalkeepers can play the ball out from his/her feet, but once at his feet the ball is live in play and the opposition can challenge him/her.

10. If the ball goes out for a goal kick it is to be taken from the edge of the keeper's box by any player. The attacking team must retreat to a playable distance to allow the opposition to restart play.

11. There are no off-sides and the goalkeeper can pick the ball up from a back pass but not direct from a goal-kick.

       12. Do not play any player who is older than this age group (Year 5).

13. Every team must have a team leader who is DBS checked or they cannot play.


Saturday 15 September 2018

Blues' v Cowbridge 'Blacks' 2 @ Butts

Saturday 22 September 2018

Sully v 'Blues' @ Sully Sports

Saturday 29 September 2018

Llantwit 2 v 'Blues' @ Llantwit Comp 3G